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Pipa Inn Datong is located in the shops on the south side of Qingyuan Street (about 100 meters east of Huayan Temple Square) in the center of Datong City. Villa style cultural inn. Within 800 meters, there are five national key cultural relics protection units (Huayan Temple, Shanhua Temple, Jiulongbi, Guandi Temple Hall, Drum Tower).

The inn decoration style is based on the theme of Datong's humanistic style. The color tone is appropriate, and the halls and towers are unique.

There are more than 20 guest rooms in Pipa Old Store. The rooms are equipped with independent air-conditioning to make you comfortable in all seasons. They are equipped with Wi-Fi to meet your business needs. In addition, the inn has a Swiss-branded wine chain and experiences more than 10 national wines. culture.

Pipa Old Store adopts a comprehensive and standardized management based on 'modern concepts, traditional models', pursues the purpose of 'working hard to make customers satisfied and moved', continuously improves management, and strives to build a first-class folk customs and cultural inn in Datong Ancient City.

The story of the old Pipa store: It is said that in the third year of the Han Dynasty in the Western Han Dynasty (33 BC), Wang Zhaojun traveled to Pingcheng (Datong) to stay at the store. At sunset and the mountains lit, Wang Zhaojun bounced the pipa. Declaring the pain of leaving home, the sound of the pipa moved the neighbors of the Dongsheng shop. When parting, Zhaojun left the pipa at the shop as a commemoration. In honor of the peace ambassador, the name of the shop was changed to ' Old Pipa Store. ' The store has been in operation for more than 2000 years.